2007-06-05   Embedded Ethernet MCU housed in TFBGA package
  Embedded.com [2007-06-05]
Hsinchu, Taiwan—ASIX Electronics Corp. is sampling the AX11005BF, an embedded Ethernet MCU in an 8-mm x 8mm 80-pin TFBGA package.

The AX11005BF integrates an 8-bit MCU with 512-Kbytes of flash memory, TCP/IP and 10/100M Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY.

The AX11005BF is the latest member of ASIX AX110xx family, which was launched in June 2006. For more on the products, click here.

The small form factor AX11005BF enables embedded system designers to design low power, high performance embedded and industrial Ethernet applications for the growing embedded networking markets with minimum board space, cost and complexity.

The TFBGA package can prevent unauthorized signal pin probing or easy replacement of the device on board, which provide additional advantages for security protection for confidential data transfer on package pins or program code stored in the embedded flash memory.

Limited samples of the AX11005BF are available now, and volume production is scheduled in August 2007. The chips are offered in a RoHS-compliant version.

Datasheet: click here.

ASIX Electronics Corp., 0043 (0)2236-89 36 13-22, www.asix.com.tw
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