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2/3端口EtherCAT从站控制芯片(ESC) 内建两组快速以太网PHYs

IEEE 802.11b/g/n IoT WiFi 模块板

USB 3.0 转 10/100/1000M 千兆以太网控制器
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2012/01/03ASIX controller integrates USB, Ethernet   EE Times India
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ASIX Electronics Corp. debuts a controller that that integrates a USB 3.0 PHY and 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet MAC/PHY in one chip. The plug-and-play AX88179 comes in a small form factor to enable embedded system designers to deliver Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with the speed of USB 3.0 SuperSpeed technology........ Full Story
2011/08/12ASIX Electronics buys MosChip connectivity solutions    EE Times India
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ASIX Electronics Corp. acquires the business line of I/O connectivity, including all assets and intellectual property rights, from Hyderabad-based MosChip Semiconductor Technology Ltd...... Full Story
2010/12/09Wi-Fi SoC tailored for M2M/Internet-of-Things market    EE Times India
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... ASIX Electronics Corp. rolls out a single-chip microcontroller family that packs TCP/IP and 802.11 WLAN MAC/base band with a on-chip 32KB data memory for Wi-Fi CPU..... Full Story
2007/06/08Asix unveils single-chip embedded Ethernet MCU   EE Times India
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... ASIX Electronics Corp. has announced the availability of what it claims as the industry's smallest single-chip embedded Ethernet MCU housed in 8-by-8mm 80-pin TFBGA package. The AX11005BF integrates a high performance 8bit MCU with 512KB of flash memory, TCP/IP and 10/100M Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY......  Full Story
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