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IEEE 802.11b/g/n IoT WiFi 模組板

USB 3.0 轉 10/100/1000M 超高速乙太網路控制器
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Industrial Control DesignLine    News : 4
2009/10/16High-speed USB-to-LAN controller family for embedded networking   Industrial Control DesignLine
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... CAMBRIDGE, UK — ASIX Electronics Corp., announced the AX88760 , USB 2.0 MTT hub and USB 2.0 to Ethernet combo controller designed for compact embedded networking solutions... .. Full Story
2009/03/26MCUs: ASIX unveils wireless audio/video MCU reference design   Industrial Control DesignLine
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... At the ESC Silicon Valley here, Asix Electronics Corp. (Booth 545) unveil a Wi-Fi speaker and Wi-Fi IP camera reference designs based on its newly developed Wi-Fi System-on-Chip (SoC) MCU family.. ... Full Story
2007/11/10Selecting the right network connection for your MCU-based machine-to-machine application   Industrial Control DesignLine
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... There are at least eight distinct configurations to embed Ethernet in a microcontroller-based M2M design. Here are a few hints on how to choose the appropriate configuration based on the interface needs of the target application. ...  Full Story
2006/06/158-bit MCUs pack Ethernet MAC/PHY, flash on single chip   Industrial Control DesignLine
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...Taiwan ASIX Electronics Corp.'s AX110xx family of 8-bit microcontrollers embed 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet MAC/PHY, the TCP/IP accelerator, and flash memory on a single chip... Full Story
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