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ASIX Launches 2/4-Port USB KVM Switch SoC


ASIX Electronics Corp., a leading fabless semiconductor company for embedded networking/bridging solutions, today announced the release of the AX6800x series 2/4-port USB KVM Switch SoC, which enables users to control 2/4/8/16 PCs via USB with just one monitor, mouse and keyboard.

KVM (short for Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) is a hardware and software technology solution that allows you to control multiple computers from one set of peripherals. Compared with the legacy 4-port USB KVM switch using 12 chips (including one MCU, four USB device MCUs, one USB root hub, four EEPROMs and two bus switches), the AX6800x is a highly integrated single chip and low-cost solution ideally suitable for cable/desktop KVM Switch and KVM extender applications.

Compared with legacy chipset USB KVM switch solution, the advantages of AX6800x single chip solution are: power management unit with deep sleep mode, manufacture driver for USB device in console being transparent to computers, same mouse sample rate on PC and device sides, integrating DDC (Display Data Channel) Emulation and EDID (Extended Display Identification Data), supporting four USB downstream ports in console, up to 7 USB devices in console (HID, Hub, MSC, Audio), and supporting touch screen, touch pad, and writing pad.

The AX6800x features a single-cycle pipelined 8051/80390 core (up to 96MIPS), 128KB Flash memory, and 32KB RAM. The AX6800x integrates 2/4 multi-addressable Device Controllers (compliant with USB Spec 2.0 Full speed), one USB host controller and one USB root hub that supports four downstream ports and each compliant with USB2.0 Full/Low speed. The AX6800x supports peripheral communication interfaces such as five I²C, two SPI bus, two UART (with one supporting 921.6Kbps), two PS/2 host, and 32 GPIOs. In addition, the AX6800x supports cascade interface for 8 and 16-port USB KVM switch application.

To help customers evaluate and develop applications with the AX6800x product family, ASIX provides comprehensive technical support information in a Development/Reference Design Kit. The Kit includes the hardware and software application notes, user guides, schematics, PCB layout guide, and the firmware C source code for the AX6800x family with free of charge.

Available in a 64-pin QFN(AX68002)/100-pin LQFP(AX68004) package, the AX6800x series is RoHS compliant, and supports commercial (0°C to 70°C) temperature range. Volume production of the AX6800x series is available now. For more information on AX68002 and AX68004 family, please contact ASIX Electronics Corp. via e-mail:, or visit our website:

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