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2/3-Port EtherCAT Slave Controller SoC with 2 Embedded PHYs
ASIX Electronics
2/3-Port EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC) with 2 Embedded PHYs
ASIX Electronics
USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet Controller
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February 2008    News : 7
2008/02/29亞信網路控制晶片 滿足連網需求(工商時報 D4版 半導體專輯)   ChinaTimes
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為了可以同時滿足消費性及工業界高穩定性及安全性佳之連網需求,亞信電子推出新款雙埠乙太網路控制晶片AX88742及AX88783,可為嵌入式系統提供雙埠乙太網路的連接性,透過網路來存取位於遠端的語音(Voice)、視訊(Video)及資料(Data),預計在2008年的第二季量產... Full Story
2008/02/28亞信電子推出新款雙埠乙太網路控制晶片   EEDesign
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... 亞信電子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣佈將針對嵌入式網路應用之Embedded Ethernet系列,新增二款乙太網路控制晶片:AX88742及AX88783,該元件內建雙埠10/100Mbps乙太網路實體層(PHY)、媒體存取控制器(MAC)及網管型第二層交換器,利用第三個埠可連接至任何微控制器。.... Full Story
2008/02/26亞信推新款雙埠乙太網路控制晶片   EE Times Taiwan
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... 亞信電子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣佈,將針對嵌入式網路應用之嵌入式乙太網路系列,新增二款乙太網路控制晶片AX88742及AX88783,新元件內建雙埠10/100Mbps乙太網路實體層(PHY)、媒體存取控制器(MAC)及網管型第二層交換器,利用第三個埠可連接至任何微控制器。.... Full Story
2008/02/25亚信针对嵌入式网络应用推出新款双端口以太网控制芯片   Global Sources
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... 亚信电子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣布将针对嵌入式网络应用之Embedded Ethernet系列,新增二款以太网控制芯片AX88742及AX88783,该组件内建双端口10/100Mbps以太网实体层(PHY)、媒体存取控制器(MAC)及网管型第二层交换器,利用第三个端口可连接至任何微控制器。搭配具备32-bit PCI总线的微控制器可选用AX88742,若搭配具备一般8/16/32-bit总线的微控制器则可选用AX88783。工程师将可为嵌入式系统提供双端口以太网的连接性,通过网络来存取位于远程的语音(Voice)、视频(Video)及数据(Data)。....  Full Story
2008/02/25Ethernet ICs handle multimedia data   ElectronicsTalk
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... Asix Electronics has released the AX88742 and AX88783 Ethernet IC solutions. The two-port Ethernet devices can be configured as a fully managed, Layer-2 switch, with the third port being connected to any host processor. Using an AX88742 with 32bit PCI microcontroller or an AX88783 with generic 8/16/32bit microcontroller, designers can provide two-port Ethernet connectivity to the embedded systems to distribute voice, video and data remotely over the network.....  
2008/02/01Select the right network connection for your MCU-based M2M app   EE Times Asia
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... Owing to its ease of use, low cost, high bandwidth, stability, security and compatibility across devices, Ethernet has become the de facto standard of network access for 32-, 16- and even 8bit MCUs, surpassing that of both SOHO and enterprise networks and expanding into the consumer electronics market. ...  
2008/02/01亞信為嵌入式網路應用提供高效益解決方案    Neataiwan
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... 亞信電子陸續推出全球首顆USB2.0 to Gigabit Ethernet控制晶片、Non-PCI Gigabit Ethernet控制晶片及整合快閃式記憶體、高速乙太網路MAC/PHY之高效能8位元微控制器系統單晶片,王暑衛表示,亞信電子未來將聚焦於網路領域相關晶片設計,憑藉著晶片設計、系統整合能力及應用軟體的銷售支援能力,提供客戶符合經濟效益及市場需求的高整合度晶片解決方案。.. Full Story
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