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2/3-Port EtherCAT Slave Controller SoC with 2 Embedded PHYs
ASIX Electronics
2/3-Port EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC) with 2 Embedded PHYs
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USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet Controller
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June 2010    News : 12
2010/06/24USB-to-Ethernet controller enables fast plug-and-play    EE Times Asia
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... From ASIX Electronics Corp. comes the AX88772B USB-to-Ethernet controller with low power and low pin count for the embedded Ethernet applications...... 
2010/06/21亚信电子推出低功耗USB转以太网络控制器   Global Sources
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亚信电子(ASIX Electronics)近日推出一款USB 2.0转以太网络控制芯片AX88772B,低功耗、低接脚数、内建Checksum 卸载引擎、支持100BASE-FX光纤模式及-40°C~85°C工业规格。AX88772B可满足当前嵌入式系统尺寸小型化需求,工程师利用日益普及的USB 接口即可扩展以太网络应用。.. 
2010/06/18NETWORKING - ASIX Launches Low-Power USB to Ethernet Controller
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... Taiwan - The AX88772B from ASIX Electronics Corp. is a USB to Ethernet controller with low power and low-pin-count for the Embedded Ethernet applications. The new controller has been designed to provide a small form factor solution that enables embedded system designers to deliver Ethernet connectivity while leveraging the proliferation of USB 2.0 technology.... Full Story
2010/06/12亞信推新網路控制晶片   ChinaTimes
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... 亞信電子(3169)近日宣布,其高速USB乙太網路系列新增一款USB 2.0轉乙太網路控制晶片AX88772B,低功耗、低接腳數、內建Checksum 卸載引擎、支援100BASE-FX光纖模式及-40°C~85°C工業規格。AX88772B可滿足當前嵌入式系統尺寸小型化需求,工程師利用日益普及的USB 介面即可擴展乙太網路應用。.. Full Story
2010/06/11亚信电子推出USB 2.0转以太网控制芯片AX88772B   ED-China
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... 亚信电子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣布,其高速USB以太网系列新增一款USB 2.0转以太网控制芯片AX88772B,低功耗、低引脚数、内置封包校验和承载引擎、支持100BASE-FX光纤模式及-40°C~85°C工业规格。.. Full Story
2010/06/11亞信電子推出新款低功耗USB轉乙太網路控制器   Neataiwan
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... 亞信電子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣佈,其高速USB乙太網路系列新增一款USB 2.0轉乙太網路控制晶片-AX88772B,AX88772B可滿足當前嵌入式系統尺寸小型化需求,工程師利用日益普及的USB 介面即可擴展乙太網路應用。主要應用於桌上型電腦、筆記型電腦、UMPC、電腦基座(Cradles/Port replicators/Docking Stations)、遊戲機、智慧型家電及任何具備標準USB埠的嵌入式系統。
 Full Story
2010/06/11亞信電子推出低功耗 USB轉乙太網路控制器   DigiTimes
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... 亞信電子(ASIX)近日宣布,其高速USB乙太網路系列新增一款USB 2.0轉乙太網路控制晶片AX88772B,低功耗、低接腳數、內建Checksum 卸載引擎、支援100BASE-FX光纖模式及-40°C~85°C工業規格。.. Full Story
2010/06/10亞信電子推出低功耗USB轉乙太網路控制器   EE Times Taiwan
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... 亞信電子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣佈,其高速 USB 乙太網路系列新增一款 USB 2.0 轉乙太網路控制晶片 AX88772B 。該控制晶片具備低功耗、低接腳數、內建 Checksum 卸載引擎、支援 100BASE-FX 光纖模式與-40℃~85℃等規格特性,可為具有小型化嵌入式系統需求的設計,實現以USB 介面即可擴展乙太網路應用。.... 
2010/06/10Asix offers controller for embedded Ethernet use   ElectronicsTalk
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... Asix Electronics is offering the AX88772B, a USB to Ethernet controller with low power and low pin count for embedded Ethernet applications.. .... 
2010/06/09亚信电子发布USB 2.0转以太网控制芯片AX88772B    EE Times China
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亚信电子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣布,其高速USB以太网系列新增一款USB 2.0转以太网控制芯片AX88772B,低功耗、低引脚数、内置封包校验和承载引擎、支持100BASE-FX光纤模式及-40°C~85°C工业规格。AX88772B可满足当前嵌入式系统尺寸小型化需求,工程师利用日益普及的USB端口即可扩展以太网应用。... 
2010/06/08亞信電子推出低功耗USB轉乙太網路控制器   CNA
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... (中央社訊息服務20100608 18:03:57)亞信電子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣佈,其高速USB乙太網路系列新增一款USB 2.0轉乙太網路控制晶片AX88772B,低功耗、低接腳數、內建Checksum 卸載引擎、支援100BASE-FX光纖模式及-40°C~85°C工業規格。.. Full Story
2010/06/07USB to Ethernet controller offer low power benefits   EE Times Europe
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... Fabless semiconductor maker, ASIX Electronics Corp., is now delivering the AX88772B, a USB to Ethernet controller with low power and low-pin-count for the embedded Ethernet applications..... 
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