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 TSN Availability Status
 AXM57104 Quad Port TSN Gigabit Ethernet PCIe NIC Card New!Production
The AXM57104 is a 4-port TSN Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express network interface card, compliant to PCI Express base spec. v2.1 Gen1, which supports enhanced TSN functions included the timing and synchronization compliant to IEEE 802.1 AS-Rev/AS and IEEE 1588V2, the Credit-Based Shaper (CBS) compliant to IEEE 802.1Qav, the Time-Aware Shaper (TAS) compliant to IEEE 802.1Qbv, and the Per-Stream Filtering and Policing (PSFP) compliant to IEEE 802.1Qci. AXM57104 also supports 32 synchronous I/O pins, one Pulse Per Second (PPS) output, field upgradable via In Application Programming (IAP).

The AXM57104 is suitable for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications to enable TSN functions on industrial automation platforms, Fieldbus over TSN gateways and converge the non-real-time IT (Information Technology) network and real-time OT (Operation Technology) networks which work on different industrial Ethernet protocols such as EtherCAT/PROFINET/EtherNet IP/etc.
AX58200 EtherCAT Slave SoC Typical Applications
Fig 1 AXM57104 TSN Gigabit Ethernet NIC Typical Applications
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