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 AX58100 -- 2/3-Port EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC) with 2 Embedded PHYs

The AX58100 is a 2/3-port EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC), licensed from Beckhoff Automation, with two integrated Fast Ethernet PHYs which support 100Mbps full-duplex operation and HP Auto-MDIX. The AX58100 supports the CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE), File Access over EtherCAT (FoE), Vendor Specific-protocol over EtherCAT (VoE), etc. standard EtherCAT protocols and provides a cost-effective solution for industrial automation, motion/motor/digital I/O control, Digital to Analog (DAC)/Analog to Digital (ADC) converters control, sensors data acquisition, robotics, etc. industrial fieldbus applications.

The AX58100 provides either a three-channel PWM controller or a Step/Direction controller, and an Increment/Hall encoder interface for closed-loop motor control; a SPI master controller for DAC/ADC converter control and sensors data acquisition; 32 DIOs for industrial I/O control and an I/O watchdog for functional safety.

The AX58100 provides two Process Data Interfaces (PDI), SPI slave and Local bus, support the connection with most popular MCU and DSP on those traditional non-EtherCAT fieldbus applications. The AX58100 provides two memory spaces, ESC and Function, designers can use chip select to decide to access which one. The bridge will synchronize two memory spaces’ contents for EtherCAT Master to remotely control AX58100 functions (PWM, SPI master etc.). The AX58100 reports the ESC and Functions interrupt events to interrupt status registers and supports level or edge interrupt trigger mode to inform external MCU/DSP to manage these ESC and Functions interrupt events.

The AX58100, in 80-pin LQFP with EPAD, supports the RoHS compliant package and industrial grade operating temperature range from -40 to 105°C


  • 2/3-port EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC) with 2 Integrated Fast Ethernet PHYs
  • Standard EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC)
    • 8 Fieldbus Memory Management Units (FMMUs)
    • 8 Sync Managers
    • 64-bit distributed clock
    • 9K bytes RAM
  • Integrated Fast Ethernet PHYs
    • Compliant with IEEE 802.3/802.3u 100BASE-TX/100BASE-FX
    • PHY loopback mode
    • Supports twisted pair crossover detection and auto-correction (HP Auto-MDIX)
    • Automatic polarity detection and correction
  • 3rd Ethernet MII Port for Flexible EtherCAT Network Configurations
  • Up to 32 Digital/General Purpose IOs
    • Each IO is configurable individually and mapped to FMMU directly
  • SPI Slave Interface
    • Supports Mode 3 timing modes
    • Supports MSB first transfer fashion
  • Local Bus Interface
    • Supports 8-bit or 16-bit data bus width
    • Supports Asynchronous Local Bus
    • Supports BHE with 16-bit data bus width
  • Bridge
    • Supports function and ESC registers mirror with selectable synchronous conditions
  • 3-channel PWM Controller
    • Adjustable frequency, phase align and BBM (Break Before Make) for all channels
    • Adjustable duty cycle, phase shift, and signal polarity per channel
  • Step & Direction Controller
    • Adjustable step pulse width, polarity and the delay time for direction change
  • Incremental and Hall Encoder Interface
    • Support single ended ABZ with configurable counting constant, polarity and Multiple Z-signal functions support
    • Supports clockwise/counter clockwise (CW/CCW) and direction-count (DIR/CLK) Inputs
    • Supports Hall sensor
  • Emergency Stop Input
  • Configurable Watchdog for Outputs and Inputs Monitoring
  • IRQ Event Output
    • Interrupts for EtherCAT related events
    • Interrupts for Application related events
    • Interrupts for Watchdog Timeout
  • SPI Master Interface
    • Programmable SPI clock frequency up to 50MHz
    • Supports 4 timing modes
    • Supports MSB/LSB first transfer fashion
    • Supports up to 8 SPI devices selection
    • Supports up to 8 channels, each channel with 8 bytes read/write buffer
    • Supports ADC Data Ready and DAC Data Loaded indication
    • Supports periodic data acquisition
    • Supports late sample for high latency device
    • Supports external interrupt input
  • Supports I²C Master Interface
  • Integrates On-chip Power-on Reset Circuit
  • 80-pin LQFP RoHS Compliant Package
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +105°C
Target Applications:
  • Industrial Automation
  • Motor Control
  • Motion Control
  • Robotics
  • Digital I/O Control
  • DAC/ADC Converters Control
  • Sensors Data Acquisition
  • Communication Module
  • Operator HMI Interfaces

 Block Diagram


 Development Kit

AX58100 SPI Master ADC Sensor DIO Demo Kit 17.4 MB2019-05-20
AX58100 SixStep PWM BLDC Motor Demo Kit 17.4 MB2019-05-20
AX58100_AX99100 LocalBus ESC PCCard Demo Kit 20.7 MB2019-05-20
AX58100 Stepper Motor Control Reference Kit 18.6 MB2019-05-20
AX58100_STM32F303RE Motor Control Demo Kit 26.4 MB2020-05-05

 Development Board

AX58100 Copper Evaluation Board 
 This is an EtherCAT Slave Controller Evaluation Board for AX58100 Copper application
AX58100 Fiber Evaluation Board 
 This is an EtherCAT Slave Controller Evaluation Board for AX58100 Fiber application


 AX58100 + STM32 MCSDK Multi-Motor Synchronization Control Solution Demonstration2019-11-15 
 ASIX AX58100 Non-MCU EtherCAT Slave Stepper Motor Control Demonstration2018-11-14 
 亞信AX58100 EtherCAT從站控制晶片應用展示 [中文解說]2018-04-13 
 亞信AX58100 EtherCAT TwinCAT PLC Demo 軟體設定範例展示 [中文解說]2018-04-13 

Technical Documentation

 Product Brief, Product Introduction and Datasheet

AX58100 Brief305.4 KB2018-11-22
AX58100 Product Introduction 746.1 KBV1.012018-11-23
AX58100 Datasheet 3.1 MBV1.052020-05-19

 Reference Manuals and User Guides

AX58100_ESI_DesignNote 238.9 KBv1052019-11-28
AX58100 Migration from Beckhoff ET1100 AppNote 1.1 MBv1002018-12-05
AX58100 EVB DIO User Guide 1.7 MBv1002019-05-28
AX58100_STM32F303RE Motor Control User Guide 2.9 MBv1012020-04-14
AX58100 Software API Design Guide 1.8 MBv1002019-11-19
AX58100 SoC Porting SSC Guidelines 5 MBv1012020-05-05


AX58100 Reliability Report   
Contact Us
AX58100 LT RoHS Report   
Contact Us

Hardware Design Documentation

 Reference Schematics

AX58100 Evaluation Board Reference Schematic(Copper) 439.9 KBv2002018-10-25
AX58100 Evaluation Board Reference Schematic(Fiber) 436.3 KBv2012018-11-06
AX58100 Junction Reference Schematic 518.6 KBv1.012020-07-30

 Bill of Materials, Application Notes and Layout Guides

AX58100 Evaluation Board for Copper BOM file 194.8 KB2018-10-25
AX58100 Evaluation Board for Fiber BOM file 196.9 KB2018-10-31
AX58100 Application Design Note 851.9 KB v1.02 2020-05-26

 PCB Layout, Gerber and IBIS Model

AX58100 Evaluation Board PCB Layout File 340.6 KB2018-10-11
AX58100 Evaluation Board Gerber File 271 KB2018-10-11
AX58100 IBIS Model 696.5 KB2018-10-23


AX58100 Evaluation Board DIO (16IN/16OUT) ESI File 1.3 KB2018-04-10
AX58100 Evaluation Board DIO 32Input ESI File 1.3 KB2019-02-21
AX58100 Evaluation Board DIO 32Output ESI File 1.3 KB2019-02-21
AX58100 Junction Slave ESI File 1.5 KB2019-02-13

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