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If you got some problems on ASIX USB to LAN products, please download the How to identify authentic ASIX USB to LAN Products document to double check if your USB to LAN device includes an Non-authentic ASIX USB to LAN solution inside or not? If yes, please contact the manufacturer of your USB to LAN device to get proper drivers instead. ASIX DOES NOT GUARANTEE AND PROVIDE ANY SUPPORT FOR THOSE NON-AUTHENTIC ASIX PRODUCTS.

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 AX58200 -- 2/3-Port EtherCAT Slave Controller SoC with 2 Embedded PHY New!

The AX58200 is a 2/3-port EtherCAT Slave Controller SoC with two integrated Fast Ethernet PHYs. AX58200 is equipped with ARM® Cortex®-M4F core with DSP extension runs up to 192 MHz, embedded 512 KB dual bank Flash memory for supporting Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware upgrade, embedded 160 KB SRAM which includes 32 KB cache supporting eXecute-In-Place (XIP) to speed up the code execution from external SPI Flash. Factory pre-loaded 32 KB bootloader for secure boot, built-in 4 KB Secure Protection ROM for providing a safe space to save confidential program or data. Supports additional communication interfaces such as 10/100Mbps Ethernet MAC with RMII and hardware cryptography accelerator, HS USB OTG, SPI/UART/I2C/I2S/CAN/PWM, etc.

The AX58200 EtherCAT Slave Controller integrates two embedded Fast Ethernet PHYs which can support both copper and fiber Ethernet applications, embedded 9 KB RAM, eight Fieldbus Memory Management Units (FMMUs), eight Sync Managers and 64-bit distributed clock. AX58200 is interoperable with all EtherCAT systems with standard EtherCAT protocols such as CoE, FoE, VoE, etc. and is suitable for motor/motion control, digital I/O control, sensors data acquisition, robotics, EtherCAT IO-Link master, EtherCAT Junction slave module, etc. industrial automation fieldbus applications.

The AX58200 is available in small 144-pin HSFBGA 10x10 mm, 0.8 mm pitch, RoHS compliant package and in operating temperature range from -40 to 85°C, -40 to 105°C.



  • ARM® Cortex®-M4F processor, running up to 192 MHz
    • Dual bank 512 KB Flash size (APROM) and 160 KB SRAM
    • 32 KB secure boot loader
    • 4 KB on-chip Flash for user-defined loader (LDROM)
    • 4 KB non-readable Security Protection ROM (SPROM)
  • EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC)
    • 2 Integrated Fast Ethernet PHYs
    • 3rd Ethernet MII Port for flexible EtherCAT network configuration
    • 9KB RAM, 8 FMMUs and 8 Sync Managers
    • 64-bit Distributed Clock
  • Communication/Control Interfaces
    • One USB 2.0 High Speed OTG
    • One 10/100Mbps Ethernet MAC with RMII
    • Six Low Power UARTs (LPUART) and three ISO-7816-3
    • One Quad-SPI controller with Master/Slave mode
    • Three I2C and one I2S with Master/Slave mode
    • Two USCI, configured as UART, SPI or I2C function
    • Two CAN 2.0B controllers
    • One SPI Master for external SPI Flash (max. 32MB)
    • Two SDHC (Secure Digital Host Controllers) for SD Memory Card Spec. V2.0.
    • Up to 76 GPIOs
    • One 16-ch, 12-bit ADC and two 12-bit DAC
    • Two Analog Comparators and two Operational Amplifiers
    • Four 32-bit timers and 24 sets of 16-bit PWM counters
    • Two QEI and one ECAP
  • Supports Hardware ECC, AES, DES, 3DES, SHA, HMAC accelerator cryptography engineers
  • Supports Real-Time Clock (RTC)
  • One built-in Die Temperature Sensor (DTS)
  • 144-pin HSFBGA 10x10 mm, 0.8 mm pitch, RoHS Compliant Package
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +85°C, -40 to +105°C
Target Applications:
  • Motor/Motion Control
  • Digital I/O Control
  • Robotics
  • Sensors Data Acquisition
  • EtherCAT IO-Link Master
  • EtherCAT Junction Slave Module
  • Communication Module
  • Operator HMI Interfaces

 Block Diagram


 Development Kit

AX58200 BSP  
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 Development Board

AX58200 Test/Evaluation Board  Available
 This is AX58200 2/3-port EtherCAT slave controller SoC Test/Evaluation Board
AX58200 AIO Demo Kit  Available
 This is AX58200 ADIO demo kit combined AX58200 evaluation board and AX58200 Analog/Digital I/O expansion board.


 AX58200 EtherCAT Slave SoC Motor Control Demo Kit BSP Tutorials2020-04-20 
 Buildup AX58200 EtherCAT Slave SoC ADIO Demo Kit BSP in 18 min.2020-01-16 

Technical Documentation

 Product Brief, Product Introduction and Datasheet

AX58200 Brief453 KB2019-12-11
AX58200 Product Introduction 1 MBv1.022020-04-28
AX58200 Datasheet 5.2 MBv1.00 2020-06-03

 Reference Manuals and User Guides

AX58200 ESI DesignNote 174 KBv1.012020-03-11
AX58200 BSP User Guide 149.2 KBv1.202020-03-27
AX58200 GpioAio User Guide 3.1 MBv1.102020-03-26
AX58200 MotorControl User Guide 3.3 MBv1.002020-03-27
AX58200 SSC Tool Configuration Import User Guide 1.1 MBv1.022020-03-25
AX58200 SW Developer Guide 1.3 MBv1.002020-04-29
AX58200 AxTool PinConfigure User Manual 2.2 MBv1.002019-12-02

Hardware Design Documentation

 Reference Schematics

AX58200 Test/Evaluation Board Reference Schematic 319.8 KBv1.302020-04-15
AX58200 Analog/Digital I/O Expansion Board Reference Schematic 187.9 KBv1.002019-12-16

 Bill of Materials, Application Notes and Layout Guides

AX58200 Test/Evaluation Board BOM file 197.6 KB2019-11-20
AX58200 Analog/Digital I/O Expansion Board BOM file 195.9 KB2019-12-12
AX58200 Application Design Note 859.6 KBv1.002019-12-19

 PCB Layout, Gerber and IBIS Model

AX58200 Test/Evaluation Board PCB Layout File 700.7 KB2020-01-21
AX58200 Analog/Digital I/O Expansion Board PCB Layout File 347.6 KB2019-12-16
AX58200 Test/Evaluation Board Gerber File 637.7 KB2020-01-21
AX58200 Analog/Digital I/O Expansion Board Gerber File 325.3 KB2019-12-16


AX58200 Analog/Digital I/O ESI File 3.3 KB2019-12-12
AxTool PinConfigure 2.3 MBv1.00.00012019-12-02
NuMicro ICP Programming Tool  
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