USB KVM Switch

AX68002/AX68004 USB KVM Switch SoC solutions are suitable for USB KVM Switch, USB KVM Extender, USB Keyboard/Mouse Synchronizer, USB Roaming Mouse KM Switch, USB-C Gaming Phone Dock, etc. applications.

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USB KVM Switch SoC

The AX6800x family, Single Chip Micro-controller with USB Host and Device controller, is a System-on-Chip (SoC) solution. Compared with the legacy 4-port USB KVM switch using 12 chips (including one MCU, four USB device MCUs, one USB root hub, four EEPROMs and two bus switches).

Typical Applications

> Desktop/Cable/Enterprise/Cat 5 2/4/8/16-Port USB KVM Switch
> USB Cat 5/Fiber Optic/HDBaseT 1.0 KVM Extender
> Android USB-C Gaming Phone Dock Station
> USB Roaming Mouse KM Switch
> USB Keyboard Mouse Synchronizer
> UART to USB Host HID Class Bridge

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