ASIX USB Ethernet iPXE Solution with Tiny PXE Server Demonstration

This video demonstrates typical application scenarios of ASIX USB Ethernet iPXE solution. This solution supports the latest ASIX USB Ethernet controllers, including AX88279, AX88179B/AX88179A/AX88179, and AX88772E/AX88772D.

iPXE is an open-source network boot firmware, that provides a full-featured implementation of the PXE and supports additional network boot protocols, such as HTTP, iSCSI SAN, FCoE, AoE SAN, Wireless, WAN, etc. Moreover, it provides an alternative network boot method for systems without built-in PXE support.

This is a demo scenario of ASIX USB Ethernet iPXE solution. Users can easily run the Tiny PXE Server utility on a Windows PC to act as an iPXE server. Utilizing ASIX iPXE USB boot disk, the iPXE client can boot up and establish a connection to the iPXE server via ASIX USB Ethernet dongle, to download the remote boot image file, thereby finishing the network boot process.

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