Single Chip Microcontroller with TCP/IP and 10/100M Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY (Features 512K Flash, 16GPIOs, LQFP-80)

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The AX11005, Single Chip Microcontroller with TCP/IP and 10/100M Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY, is a System-on-Chip (SoC) solution which offers a high performance embedded micro controller and rich communication peripherals for wide varieties of application which need access to the LAN or Internet.

With built-in network protocol stack, the AX11005 provides very cost effective networking solution to enable simple, easy and low cost Internet connection capability for many applications such as consumer electronics, networked home appliances, industrial equipments, security systems, remote data collection equipments, remote control, remote monitoring and remote management.


-- 8-bit pipelined RISC, single cycle per instruction with maximum operating frequency of 100MHz (100 MIPS)
-- 100% software compatible with standard 8051/80390
-- 2 GPIO ports of 8 bits each
-- 2 external interrupt sources with 2 priority levels
-- Supports power management unit, programmable watchdog timer and 3 16-bit timer/counters
-- Debug port for connecting to In-Circuit Emulation (ICE) adaptor
-- 5 channels of Programmable Counter Array (PCA)
● On-chip Program and Data Memory
-- Embeds 512KB Flash memory without bank select and 16KB SRAM for program code mirroring
-- Supports initial Flash memory programming via UART or ICE adaptor, the so-called In System Programming (ISP)
-- Supports reprogrammable boot code and In Application Programming (IAP) to update run-time firmware or boot code through Ethernet or UART (US Patent Approval)
-- Embeds 32KB SRAM for data memory
● Buffer Management
-- Embeds DMA engine and memory arbiter. Support 3 DMA channels for high performance data movement needed for network protocol stack processing
● On-chip 10/100M Fast Ethernet MAC and PHY
-- Integrates IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX compatible Fast Ethernet MAC and PHY with dedicated 12KB SRAM for Ethernet packet buffering. Support full-duplex and half-duplex operations
-- Supports twisted pair crossover detection and auto-correction (Auto-MDIX)
-- Supports wakeup via Link-up, Magic packet, Wakeup frame or external input pin
-- Build in TCP/IP accelerator in hardware to improve network transfer throughput. Support IP/TCP/UDP/ICMP/IGMP checksum and ARP in hardware
-- Supports TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, DHCP, BOOTP, ARP, DNS, SMTP, SNTP, uPNP, PPPoE and HTTP in software
● Communication Interface
-- 3 UART interface (with 1 supporting 921.6Kbps and Modem control)
-- I2C interface (master and slave mode)
-- SPI/Micro wire interface (3 masters or 1 slave mode)
-- 1-Wire controller interface (master mode)
-- 10/100 Ethernet PHY interface
● Supports network boot over Ethernet using BOOTP and TFTP
● Integrates on-chip 3.3V to 1.8V voltage regulator and require single power supply of 3.3V only
● Integrates on-chip oscillator and PLL. Require only one 25MHz crystal to operate
● Integrates on-chip power-on reset circuit
● 80-pin LQFP RoHS package
● Operating temperature: 0°C to 70°C or -40°C to 85°C

Target Applications

● Weather Station
● Time Attendance System
● Network Thermometer
● Hardware TCP/IP Offload Engine
● Consumer Electronics
-- Audio over Internet, Internet Radio
-- VoIP ATA phone
● Inventory Management
-- Vending System
-- Hotel Mini bar
● Interface Product
-- RS232/422/485 to Ethernet Adapter
-- CAN to Ethernet Adapter
-- Ethernet to ZigBee Bridge
● Building / Home Automation
-- HVAC control
-- Networked Home Appliance
● Security System
-- Biometric access control
-- Fingerprint reade
-- Network Camera/Remote Surveillance
-- Professional DVR (for remote control e.g. Camera tilting and panning)
-- Fire and safety
● Industrial Control
-- Remote Data Collection Equipment/ Remote Monitor
-- Remote Control and Management
-- Environment Monitoring or Network Sensor
-- Automatic Meter Reading
-- Networked UPS
-- Lighting control


Development Board


AX11005 80-pin Development Board

This is a general-purpose development board for AX11005.


Hardware Design Considerations

  • What is the AX110xx products family?

    The AX110xx family of products consist of AX11001, AX11005 and AX11015. Please refer to the AX110xx Product Introduction document for details of AX110xx family products.

  • How do I purchase the AX110xx development kit?

    ASIX provides two kinds of AX110xx development kits.The AX1100x 80-pin Development Kit and AX11015 128-pin Development Kit. If you need the local bus interface, external memory bus or external MII interface, you will need to purchase the AX11015 128-pin Development Kit. Please contact ASIX's Sales ( for more details.

  • What is development tools are supported by the AX110xx software?

    All software modules for AX110xx family are developed in C language under Keil IDE development environment. Users can purchase the Keil IDE Development Environment from Keil's web site. In general, you will need to purchase the PK51 development tool for C-language compiler, debugger and simulator.In case if customers just need the compiler function and code size less than 64k bytes, you can purchase the CA51 package.You can also download the Keil C51 evaluation software from Keil's web site, but the evaluation software can only compile the sample codes with less than 2K bytes binary code. Please refer to Keil's web site for more details about the limitation of evaluation software.

  • What debugger tools are supported by the AX110xx products?

    The AX110xx currently provides two debug tool solutions the UART console debugging and the DCD's DoCD HAD2 debugger. All AX110xx S/W modules support the basic UART console debugging function by default. If you needs a more powerful debugging tool like source level debugging, the AX110xx development board supports the Digital Core Design's DoCD Hardware Debugger - the HAD2 module. Through the HAD2 module, the software running on AX110xx development board can be real-time debugged. You may consider purchasing the HAD2 module from Digital Core Design and download the debugger software from Digital Core Design's web site.

  • Do I really need to purchase the DoCD HAD2 debugger for AX110xx implementation?

    It depends on your requirements. If you can debug AX110xx software via the UART console debugging method, you don't need to purchase the DoCD HAD2 debugger.

  • How can I receive some basic information about the AX110xx family products?

    Please download the AX110xx Product Briefs and AX110xx Product Introduction document from ASIX's web site

  • How can I get started to implement AX110xx applications?

    ASIX provides plenty of AX110xx technical documents and sample codes for customers' reference. If needed, users can purchase the AX110xx Development Kits which include AX110xx development boards, AX110xx Development Kit CD and other peripherals like a power adapter, RJ-45 Ethernet cable, RS-232 Null modem cable, etc. Please contact with ASIX's Sales ( for more details.

  • How can I receive more detailed information like datasheet, sample codes, etc. of AX110xx family products?

    Please contact ASIX's Sales ( for more details.

  • Do I need to pay for the AX110xx software sample codes?

    No, ASIX provides free AX110xx related sample codes for customers to implement AX110xx applications.

  • How can I receive the AX110xx software sample codes?

    Please contact ASIX's Sales ( for more details.

  • How do I program the firmware code into AX110xx Flash?

    AX110xx provides a couple of solutions for customers to program the firmware code into AX110xx Flash.
    1. The Windows/DOS UART Interface Flash Programming Utilities
    2. The Ethernet Boot Loader Flash Programming Method
    3. The DoCD HAD2 Debugger Flash Programming Method

  • What is the processor of AX110xx family?

    AX110xx is a 100 MIPS 1T 8051/80390 System-on-Chip solution with embedded 10/100M Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY and TCP/IP Offload Engine.

  • What communication interfaces supported by the AX11001/AX11005?

    The AX11001/AX11005 supports the Ethernet, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, UART, PCA, GPIO interfaces, etc.

  • What is the size of the AX110xx embedded SRAM as Data Memory?

    The AX110xx family integrates a 32K bytes embedded SRAM as Data Memory.

  • What is the size of the AX110xx embedded Flash as Program Memory?

    The AX11001 integrates a 128K bytes embedded Flash. AX11005 and AX11015 integrate a 512K bytes embedded Flash.

  • Does the AX110xx support industrial temperature range?

    Yes, the AX110001/AX11005/AX11015 support two operating temperature ranges: 0 to 70°C or -40 to 85°C.

  • Does the AX110xx support HP Auto-MDIX function for its embedded Ethernet PHY?

    Yes, the embedded Ethernet PHY of AX110xx supports the HP Auto-MDIX function.

  • Which EEPROM part is used on the AX110xx development board?

    The reference EEPROM part on the AX110xx development board is Atmel AT24C02B I2C EEPROM.

  • Which Ethernet transformer part is used on the AX110xx development board?

    The reference Ethernet transformer on the AX110xx development board is Bothhand LU1S041X LF (Turns Ratio is 1CT:1CT, Auto-MDIX).

  • What industrial Ethernet transformer parts can be used with AX110xx family?

    The embedded Ethernet PHY of AX110xx family can work with the 1CT:1CT Turns Ratio transformers like TAIMAG RJC-248TA1 (Turns Ratio is 1CT:1CT, Auto-MDIX) industrial transformer.

  • Can the I2C EEPROM be removed on AX110xx applications?

    Yes, you can remove the I2C EEPROM from their application, but the limitation is that their applications can only use AX110xx H/W default settings like the multi-function pin, output driving strength, etc. If you need to specify the AX110xx settings being defined in the EEPROM, you should keep the I2C EEPROM on their applications.

  • What is the maximum frequency of the AX110xx PWM signal?

    The maximum frequency of AX110xx PWM signal is 195.3 KHz.

  • What TCP/IP stack is supported by the AX110xx software?

    The AX110xx supports uIP TCP/IP Stack sample code.

  • What S/W modules are supported by the AX110xx software?

    ASIX provides the S/W module drivers for each communication interfaces of AX110xx. These S/W modules include the CPU, Ethernet, S/W DMA, MS Timer, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, PCA, UART2, UART, Local Bus, etc.

  • How do I convert the Web Server HTML files of the AX110xx uIP TCP/IP Stack sample code into C files?

    AX110xx uIP TCP/IP Stack sample code v1.0.4 already includes the HTTP Web Server source code inside. Please make sure the web page HTML files are put into the "SRC/WEB/FS" subdirectory of the uIP sample code and run the "mkfs.exe" command in the "SRC/WEB" subdirectory. The "mkfs.exe" command will convert these HTML files into the FSDATA.C and FSDATA.H files. AX110xx uIP TCP/IP Stack project file (ax11000.Uv2) will include these two files (FSDATA.C and FSDATA.H) to compile the runtime code.

  • How many TCP socket connections are supported by AX110xx uIP TCP/IP stack?

    The TCP socket connection count is dependent on the RAM size on the AX110xx platforms.

  • How do I assign a static IP address for the AX110xx Ethernet Boot Loader?

    You don't need to assign a static IP address for AX110xx Ethernet Boot Loader, the AX110xx Ethernet Boot Loader will always get an IP address from the DHCP server.

  • How to open the gerber files of AX110xx development boards?

    You can open the gerber files of AX110xx development boards by running ORACLE's AutoVue Evaluation Revision tool (30 days evaluation date). Please visit ORACLE's web site for more details.

  • How to open the PowerPCB PCB layout files of AX110xx development boards?

    You can open the PowerPCB PCB layout files of AX110xx development boards by running Mentor Graphics PADS Layout Product Evaluation Software (No time limitation but with limited function). Please visit Mentor Graphics' web site for more details.



Development Kit

AX110xx Development Kit

Technical Documentation

Product Brief, Product Introduction and Datasheet

AX11005 Product Brief

Release Date

File Size
146.1 KB

AX110xx Product Introduction


Release Date

File Size
1.3 MB

AX11005 Datasheet


Release Date

File Size
3.0 MB

Reference Manuals and User Guides

AX110xx Development Kit User Guide


Release Date

File Size
2.3 MB

AX110xx RS-232 to Ethernet Reference Design User Guide


Release Date

File Size
2.5 MB

AX110xx Mass Production Application Note


Release Date

File Size
767.3 KB

AX110xx CPU Core Instructions Set User Guide

AX110xx RS-232 to Ethernet Software Developer Guide

AX110xx Upper Protocol Developer Guide


AX110xx Reliability Report

AX11005 LF RoHS Report

AX11005 LI RoHS Report

AX110xx TCP/IP Performance Test Report

Hardware Design Documentation

Reference Schematics

AX11001/AX11005 80-pin Development Board Reference Schematics


Release Date

File Size
1.4 MB

AX110xx PHY-to-PHY Connection Reference Circuit

Bill of Materials, Application Notes and Layout Guides

AX1100x 80-pin Development Board BOM File


Release Date

File Size
48.1 KB

AX11005 Network SoC Application Design Note


Release Date

File Size
657.1 KB

PCB Layout, Gerber and IBIS Model

AX1100x 80-pin Development Board PCB Layout File (PowerPCB)


Release Date

File Size
299.3 KB

AX1100x 80-pin Development Board Gerber Files


Release Date

File Size
841.3 KB

AX11005 IBIS Model

Release Date

File Size
108.8 KB

Software & Tools


AX110xx 1-Wire Module Source

AX110xx Buffer Module Source

AX110xx CAN Module Source

AX110xx CPU Module Source

AX110xx Ethernet Module Souce

AX110xx I²C Module Source

AX110xx Local Bus Module Source

AX110xx MS Timer Module Source

AX110xx PCA Module Source

AX110xx S/W DMA Module Source

AX110xx SPI Module Source

AX110xx UART Module Source

AX110xx UART2 Module Source

Demo Firmware

AX110xx Ethernet Boot Loader Binary Code

File Size
10.7 KB

AX1100x 80-pin Development Board Demo Firmware Binary Code

File Size
147.2 KB

AX110xx I²C EEPROM Programming Utility

File Size
19.4 KB


AX110xx Adapter Upper Protocol Module

AX110xx TCP/IP Upper Protocol Module

AX110xx PPPoE Upper Protocol Module

AX110xx DHCP Client Upper Protocol Module

AX110xx HTTP Upper Protocol Module

AX110xx DNS Client Upper Protocol Module

AX110xx DYNDNS Upper Protocol Module

AX110xx FTP Client Upper Protocol Module

AX110xx SMTP Upper Protocol Module

AX110xx UPNP Upper Protocol Module

AX110xx SNTP Upper Protocol Module


AX110xx Development Board Device Finder Utility


Release Date

File Size
528.8 KB

AX110xx RS-232 to Ethernet Reference Design Toolkit

AX110xx Manufacture Program

AX110xx Windows ISP Tool