ASIX Latest TSN/EtherCAT/IO-Link Technology Total Solution Demonstration

This video demonstrates typical application scenarios of ASIX AXM57104 TSN Development Platform and AX58400 EtherCAT to IO-Link Gateway over TSN solutions.

ASIX AXM57104 TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) Gigabit Ethernet NIC and TSN IPC Development Platform solutions are suitable for various industrial IoT applications that require TSN network functionality. Using TSN and OPC UA technologies, real-time OT network and non-real-time IT network can be seamlessly integrated within a single network, enabling the creation of an efficient and flexible smart factory automation environment.

AXM57104 TSN Gigabit Ethernet NIC supports various advanced TSN functions in compliance with IEEE 802.1 standards including 802.1AS, 802.1Qav, 802.1Qbu, 802.1Qbv and 802.1CB. The AXM57104 also supports FPGA hard-core field upgradable via In-Application Programming for TSN standards evolution.

The AXM57104 TSN Development Platform is a fanless industrial computer equipped with RT-Linux real-time operating system and integrated AXM57104 TSN Gigabit Ethernet PCIe NIC. This platform offers various TSN utility sample codes to speed up the development of AXM57104 TSN applications and provides an easy way to enter the world of the next generation industrial Ethernet technology.

The first video demonstrates the scenario of disabling TSN 802.1Qbv function. In this scenario, the EtherCAT master remotely controls the IO-Link LED tower, which is connected to AX58400 EtherCAT slave to IO-Link Gateway module, through the TSN network. Upon initiating heavy network traffic with higher network priority over the TSN network, the EtherCAT network connection will be interrupted, resulting in the IO-Link LED tower to stop working.

The secondary video demonstrates the scenario of enabling TSN 802.1Qbv function. When the TSN 802.1Qbv function is enabled, the EtherCAT network allocates 3 dedicated time slots among the 6 time slots available on the TSN network for deterministic communication. As a result, the IO-Link LED tower connected to the AX58400 EtherCAT to IO-Link Gateway module can still work normally, even in the presence of heavy network traffic with higher network priority on the same TSN network.

ASIX Electronics Corporation has the latest TSN, EtherCAT and IO-Link industrial Ethernet key technologies. This video briefly demonstrates the application scenarios of ASIX‘s next generation industrial Ethernet total solution.

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