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2/3-Port EtherCAT Slave Controller SoC with 2 Embedded PHYs
ASIX Electronics
2/3-Port EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC) with 2 Embedded PHYs
ASIX Electronics
USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet Controller
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December 2010    News : 13
2010/12/20인터넷 관련 시장 위한 와이파이 SoC    EE Times Korea
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... ASIX Electronics는 TCP/IP 및 802.11 WLAN MAC/베이스밴드를 포함한 싱글-칩 마이크로컨트롤러인 AX220xx 제품군을 발표했다.
AX220xx는 듀얼-CPU 아키텍처로, 프로그램 메모리로 온칩 1MB 공유 플래시, 메인 CPU로 온칩 64KB 데이터 메모리, 와이파이 CPU로 온칩 32KB 데이터 메모리, TCP/IP 가속도기, 802.11a/b/g 호환 가능형 WLAN MAC/베이스밴드, 패스트 이더넷 MAC, 그리고 다양한 통신 주변 장치를 갖추고 있다....
2010/12/09Wi-Fi SoC tailored for M2M/Internet-of-Things market   EE Times India
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... ASIX Electronics Corp. rolls out a single-chip microcontroller family that packs TCP/IP and 802.11 WLAN MAC/base band with a on-chip 32KB data memory for Wi-Fi CPU.... 
2010/12/09Embedded Wi-Fi SoC targets Internet of Things market    EE Times Europe
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... ASIX Electronics has announced it is now delivering the AX220xx family, a single chip microcontroller with TCP/IP and 802.11 WLAN MAC/baseband. The AX220xx is the latest member being added to ASIX's embedded network SoC product portfolio..... 
2010/12/09亞信 推出物聯網應用單晶片   ChinaTimes
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... 網通晶片廠亞信電子(3169)宣佈推出第一顆崁入式系統的無線晶片,為802.11a/b/g標準規格。亞信表示,無線產品推出後,將與有線產品形成互補效果,且隨著互聯網環境逐漸成形,亞信不僅今年營收順利達成內部目標,預估明年也將持續成長。..  Full Story
2010/12/08Wi-Fi SoC for the Internet-of-Things market    EE Times Asia
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... The AX220xx has a dual-CPU architecture with on-chip 1MB shared Flash as program memory, on-chip 64KB data memory for main CPU, on-chip 32KB data memory for Wi-Fi CPU, TCP/IP accelerator,...... 
2010/12/08亞信電子針對物聯網應用推出嵌入式Wi-Fi系統單晶片   Economic Daily News
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.. 【台北訊】亞信電子 (ASIX Electronics)近日宣佈,其嵌入式網路系統單晶片系列將新增一款單晶片微控制器AX220xx,其內建有TCP/IP 加速器及符合802.11a/b/g標準的MAC/基頻處理器。Wi-Fi基礎設施日益普及,支持多種擴展介面的AX220xx Wi-Fi單晶片,可低成本實現透過Wi-Fi無線傳輸音樂、視頻、用戶資料的各類應用.. Full Story
2010/12/08针对物联网应用的嵌入式Wi-Fi系统单晶片   ED-China
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... 亚信电子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣布,嵌入式网络单芯片系列将新增一款单芯片微控制器AX220xx,其内建有TCP/IP加速器及符合802.11a/b/g规范的 MAC/基带处理器。Wi-Fi基础设施日益普及,支持多种扩展接口的AX220xx Wi-Fi单芯片,可低成本实现通过Wi-Fi无线网络传输音乐/视频/用户数据的各类应用。... Full Story
2010/12/07亞信電子針對物聯網應用推出嵌入式Wi-Fi系統單晶片   DigiTimes
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... 亞信電子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣布,其嵌入式網路系統單晶片系列將新增AX220xx新款單晶片微控制器,其內建有TCP/IP加速器及符合802.11a/b/g標準的MAC/ 基頻處理器。... Full Story
2010/12/06Wi-Fi capability for consumer electronics and more   ElectronicsTalk
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... Asix Electronics is now delivering the AX220xx, a single-chip microcontroller with TCP/IP and 802.11 WLAN MAC/baseband, designed to leverage Wi-Fi infrastructure in home and office environments. ..... 
2010/12/06亚信电子针对物联网应用推出嵌入式Wi-Fi系统单晶片   Global Sources
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亚信电子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣布,嵌入式网络单芯片系列将新增一款单芯片微控制器AX220xx,其内建有TCP/IP加速器及符合802.11a/b/g规范的 MAC/基带处理器。Wi-Fi基础设施日益普及,支持多种扩展接口的AX220xx Wi-Fi单芯片,可低成本实现通过Wi-Fi无线网络传输音乐/视频/用户数据的各类应用。... 
2010/12/03亞信電子針對物聯網應用推出嵌入式Wi-Fi系統單晶片   EE Times Taiwan
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... 亞信電子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣佈,其嵌入式網路系統單晶片系列新增一款單晶片微控制器 AX220xx ,內建 TCP / IP 加速器及符合 802.11a/b/g 標準的 MAC / 基頻處理器。新款支援多種擴展介面的 AX220xx Wi-Fi 單晶片,能以低成本實現透過 Wi-Fi 無線傳輸音樂/視訊/用戶資料等各類應用。... 
2010/12/03亞信電子針對物聯網應用推出嵌入式Wi-Fi系統單晶片   Neataiwan
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... 亞信電子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣佈,其嵌入式網路系統單晶片系列將新增一款單晶片微控制器AX220xx,其內建有TCP/IP加速器及符合802.11a/b/g標準的 MAC/ 基頻處理器。Wi-Fi基礎設施日益普及,支持多種擴展介面的AX220xx Wi-Fi單晶片,可低成本實現透過Wi-Fi無線傳輸音樂‭/‬視頻‭/‬用戶資料的各類應用。.. Full Story
2010/12/02亚信电子推出嵌入式Wi-Fi系统单芯片AX220xx   EE Times China
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亚信电子(ASIX Electronics)近日宣布,嵌入式网络单芯片系列将新增一款单芯片微控制器AX220xx,其内建有TCP/IP加速器及符合802.11a/b/g规范的 MAC/基带处理器。Wi-Fi基础设施日益普及,支持多种扩展接口的AX220xx Wi-Fi单芯片,可低成本实现通过Wi-Fi无线网络传输音乐/视频/用户数据的各类应用。.... 
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